he yells i can’t fucking do this every fucking day he yells i can’t fight with you in this fucking way i cannot keep this monster inside me at bay. you make me want to hurt you i will end up soon slipping too far away if we continue on like this i swear to […]

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the coming of winter

this wrought iron planet is made up of styrofoam people. while *can you keep a secret?* has become a blacklight’s equal. too much sunshine brings us not enough rain. prescription fuled smiles are born of prescription pain. the siren screams out unheard  and the ground sets it’s teeth knowing too many people are well within its […]

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kicking junk pt 2

it’s funny how this choice to better my life to do something right and good for myself ended with kidney failure in a dingy er at two in the morning after two solid weeks of miserable insufferable endless withdrawals (that still haven’t gone away) i want so bad not to give up the safety the […]

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that feeling

and i covet that feeling the nighttime butterflies in my stomach causing me to believe still anything is possible even at four in the morning sitting outside a desolate gas station knowing that the feeling will pass as it always does soon enough and will once again be replaced with the usual emptiness but while […]

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no one

no one stays clean once they’re in this game and no one is innocent after they’ve heard my name

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love is money for me a fast and sweet storm on my back. can you feel it? my hair through your fingers as you pull it hard my legs spread my small waist in your tight grip your hand shoving my face to the floor my nails scarring your back my jaw hit with your […]

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in bed

to tell you the truth every time i call out sick i’m actually in bed with a boy. every time my car breaks down i’m in bed with a boy. because i’d rather fuck than work.

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i wanted to be okay alone but it turns out tar is really much better company than i am and it turns out so is lorazepam. i wanted to love myself but it turns out meth makes that quite difficult and it turns out so does blow. i wanted to be more talkative but it […]

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new daddy

i have this new daddy now. daddy’s got money like you don’t and he’s got a dick like you don’t and he fucks me like you wish you could and he treats me like your heart wouldn’t allow you to and he doesn’t love me like you’ve tried so hard not to. my new daddy […]

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